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Retreat Schedule for 2022-2023

Please join us in the charming Mexican back country unspoiled by mass tourism,
The settings offer a true adventure and unique opportunity to have fun
while learning from the experts.

Please read below about details of upcoming workshops.
Make sure you browse our About and Gallery page to learn about our facility,
magnificent jungle settings, surrounding villages and their people,
flora and fauna and much more.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to email Jane and Dallas at janerom@shaw.ca


January 1
2-19, 2022
Fearless Painting
Doug Swinton

THIS RETREAT IS FULL! get on our waiting list

Take the fear out of painting and decision making.

We will be doing 20 minute studies and learning to make fast decisions without the agony.

Simplifying composition, colour choices and brush marks we will develop these studies into finished works.

Working both from sketches, photos and outdoor studies you will paint a minimum of 4 paintings a day.

Loosen up, get colourful and have fun.

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Big brushes and bold decisions.
Faster, Looser, Bigger, Bolder

January 26 - February 2, 2022
Catching the Light
with Gaye Adams
Discover the joy of painting the living, breathing landscape

THIS RETREAT IS FULL! get on our waiting list

When we paint from photos, much nuance is lost to us, and a sense of place and experience and energy is often sacrificed as we are painting a moment frozen in time.  Painting the landscape from life in real time can feel daunting, but it is also exhilarating and  serves as a super highway to improving your painting skills.
This workshop will lay out an approach for capturing the atmosphere, mood and light in the transient landscape.  It will break down the process into bite size chunks that will empower painters to start and complete a field study in a limited amount of time.

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March 2- 9, 2022
Of Painting From Life

with Sheree Jones

Join professional artist and keen landscape & still life painter Sheree Jones as she shares her passion for painting “from life” both in the studio and outdoors “en plein air”.

Sheree will share her extensive knowledge with informative demonstrations, printed handouts and lively discussions. Her energetic and fun loving spirit will inspire you to enjoy your days creating and experimenting in a relaxed and supportive environment.

This workshop is designed for all levels of oil and acrylic painters wanting to take their work to the next level. There will be plenty of one on one instruction with time for positive and encouraging conversation.



March 9 - 16, 2022

with Marla Blackwell

Join Marla in a fun and energized week of painting in acrylics or oils! This will be a non-intimidating class on learning the basic fundamentals of how to capture the essence of painting. Discover more colours you love by mixing primaries and adding black or white.  The possibilities are endless and so is the subject matter…landscape, waterscape, figures, buildings.  Want to loosen up your style…..no problem!  Marla will demonstrate her technique on painting more freely and ‘painterly

You'll learn perspective, composition and how to design the painting in your own and unique style and color palette! Lots of demos and one-on-one instruction.

Watercolor painters are also WELCOME!

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January 18 - 25, 2023
Powerful Painting

with Bobbi Dunlop

It's often a simple subject, yet a painting can be so captivating it just doesn't let go … mysteriously inviting you to look closer. This 4-Day Oil/Acrylic Workshop will touch on all the “Simple Ideas” that Bobbi emphasizes in her teaching: “logical ideas” … the nuts and bolts necessary to build a strong, beautiful painting. “Ideas” that take the mystery out of painting and add the magic you're seeking.You'll learn how the “Still-Life”, “Floral” and “Landscape” are merely vehicles in which to explore all the wonderous possibilities in paint!Reducing ideas and problems into their simplest forms , you will learn to visualize and develop your ideas and discover the joy in making brush marks.Take your work to the next level … join me in beautiful Casa Buena!

To read more about this retreat please click here...

! Is the operative word for Bobbi Dunlop's workshops – and each of her workshops build on the next, through this theme.

Each subject is the opportunity to explore an idea in beautiful paint … while we stay true to the simple fundamentals, SHAPE, VALUE EDGES and COLOR , and we begin to understand – and SOLVE – the challenges associated with building a strong painting.

February 8-15, 2023
Figure and Portrait Drawing
in Charcoal

Henry Yan

Students will learn the methods of practicing figure/portrait drawing, improving their skills in drawing human proportions, anatomy, shading and rendering for 3-D forms.  From short pose gesture and anatomy studies, to long pose painterly approaches, different techniques introduced in Henry Yan's Figure Drawing-Techniques and Tips, will also be explained and practiced in class. 

Learn from the Master! The way to do accurate drawing with painterly approach.

Plein Air Paint in Authentic Mexican outdoors

Imagine swapping a week of February chilliness for a week of outdoor painting in Mexico!Plein air painting is as old as creative expression itself and can be as rewarding as it is challenging. This will be as much a painting workshop as a creative retreat. Open to all levels, we will focus on composition and design, color, temperature and value among other things, as well as best practices for outdoor painting. Subject matter is as varied as the culture itself - landscape, seascape, village life and more… I am excited to share this experience with fellow creative adventurers!

Exploring Still Life in Oil
with Laura Robb

This workshop is for students who are serious about improving their skills of observation and want to understand how to make use of their palette to its full advantage. The instructor will
explain and show through demonstration studies how certain effects of light and depth can be achieved.
She will also try to help identify materials or procedures a student may be using that are getting in the way of their progress. We will discuss composition, technique, principles of light and shade, and a range of other painting related topics.

"Your paintings have always inspired me, and I love to look at them. They have so much mystery, nuanced colors, unexpected and fugitive shapes, interesting edges, and so much more that can only be described pictorially." (M. Artal )


Advanced Techniques for Capturing
Light and Depth in Your Paintings



Other Information

All breakfasts and bagged lunches are included as well as all dinners and snacks. There are local restaurants as well as 2 kitchen facilities on site for your own use if you wish. All our meals prepared from scratch with local organic ingredients.

What to bring with you

Mexican Pesos, Camera, binoculars, sun screen of your choice, sunglasses and swimsuit, ear plugs if you are a light sleeper,all your meds, supplements,
water bottle,
a photocopy of your passport, long sleeve top and long pants.



Spacious colorful rooms with comfortable beds; most rooms have private in suite bathrooms and showers. Some are double occupancy. Assigned on First Come First Serve basis

We have a van and a SUV to transport you to and from our painting locations. The vehicles are used for casual trips to local villages and beaches.


We have Internet at the Casa but sometimes it is unavailable in the area. There is an Internet at near by Hotel Casa Manana (10 min walk from the house) where you can use WIFI

In the unlikely case of medical emergency, we will take you to a doctor or a hospital.
More then likely you would have to pay with your credit card for your appointment or treatment and then get reimbursed by your Insurance Company.


Please make sure you have your travel insurance in place prior taking the workshop. That should cover any medical expenses as well as luggage loss, etc.


The area where Casa Buena located is very safe and people are layed back and friendly. Most populations are Mexican, but there are a few Expats live there as well.


Los Cocos, Nayarit, Mexico between Puerto Vallarta and Mazatlan
email: janerom@shaw.ca
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